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Open Access Policy

The titles on this site are all freely available. However, the licensing on them varies. Each journal may have their own policies, and in most cases the author's can choose whether to licensees their content with a creative license. In general, readers are free to download the content. Any other use, including distributing non-commercially, must be approved by the copyright holder.

Copyright and Licenses

The author of content may include the officially published version of the article/proceeding (version of record) in an institutional or disciplinary repository, provided the posting includes a prominent statement of the full bibliographical details, and a link to the online edition of the magazine.

Indexing Information

Complete metadata for all articles, including DOIs, is available via OAI. See our policy regarding use and reuse of our metadata.


Our KBART file is available here.

Usage Information

Download counts are displayed for each article/proceedings. COUNTER usage statistics are not available.

Preservation Status

The preservation status of each title varies and is noted on the publication's "About" page. The complete Portico preservation list is available, while the LOCKSS list is in a file you can download from the LOCKSS site.

Prior to 22 September 2021, these titles were hosted in Digital Commons software. These titles are available in the Internet Archive.

Other Policies

See our general Libraries' policies page for additional information, such as our privacy policy and our notice and take-down procedure.