The Marilyn Zurmuehlen Working Papers in Art Education (ISSN: 2326-7070 (Print), 2326-7062 (Online); ISSN-L 2326-7070) publishes essays, scholarly articles, and images of art about the teaching, theory, and praxis of visual art annually. These works come from doctoral students in art education from top programs around the globe and are vetted through a presentation at the National Art Education Association’s annual conference.

Volume 2021


Mentor’s Introduction to Nicole Johnson

Mary Hafeli

2021-10-25 Volume 2021 • 1-2

Early-Career Art Teacher Educators’ Professional Tensions as Catalysts for Growth

Nicole Pamela Johnson

2021-10-25 Volume 2021 • 1-18

Mentor’s Introduction to Andrew Tegarden

Manisha Sharma

2021-10-25 Volume 2021 • 1-2

Border Monument Engagements as Curriculum Work

Andrew Tegarden

2021-10-25 Volume 2021 • 1-7

Mentor’s Introduction to Ahu Yolac

Laura J. Hetrick

2021-10-25 Volume 2021 • 1-2

Hexostasis: A Transdisciplinary Approach Towards Educational Gaming and Game Design

Ahu Yolac

2021-10-25 Volume 2021 • 1-19