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The Walt Whitman Quarterly Review is a literary quarterly sponsored by the Graduate College and the Department of English and published by The University of Iowa. WWQR is the official journal of the Walt Whitman Studies Association, affiliated with the American Literature Association. Beginning with volume 33, no. 1 (Summer 2015) the Walt Whitman Quarterly Review has become an open-access, online-only publication.

Focus and Scope

Walt Whitman Quarterly Review publishes essays about Whitman, his influence, his cultural contexts, his life, and his work. WWQR also publishes newly discovered Whitman manuscripts, and we publish shorter notes dealing with significant discoveries related to Whitman. Major critical works about Whitman are reviewed in virtually every issue, and Ed Folsom maintains an up-to-date and annotated "Current Bibliography" of work about Whitman, published in each issue.

Submission Checklist

  • Have you created an account on this site?
  • Do you have ready the names and affiliations of any co-authors?
  • Have you written an abstract for your manuscript?
  • Is your manuscript formatted following the WWQR Style guidelines?
  • Have you included all references in the form of footnotes in your manuscript?
  • Do you have your manuscript ready to upload in the preferred file format(s)? (i.e. a Word document)
  • Have you removed the name and institutional affiliation of all authors from the manuscript?
  • Have you sought and received written permission (nonexclusive, worldwide rights in all formats and media, for one-time use) to reproduce any images or other third-party materials for which you do not own copyright?
  • Have you included a caption and the appropriate acknowledgments and/or credit lines for any figures or images?
  • If you have an ORCHiD, have you remembered to include it? (An ORCHiD is a digital identifier that distinguishes you from other researchers and that helps identify and ensure you get credit for your research outputs). If you would like to register for an ORCHiD (for free), you can sign up for one at, or you may be able to do so at the same site through your institution. 

Copyright Notice

Authors retain copyright but grant exclusive first publication rights and a non-exclusive license to have the work reproduced in other ways, including in electronic databases and on-line, specifically including the Walt Whitman Archive digital archive website, as part of its searchable bibliographic database. Once an author's work has been published in Walt Whitman Quarterly Review, the author is free to use it in any way she/he wishes, so long as that use is consistent with the license given Walt Whitman Quarterly Review to continue to use the work for the duration of its copyright in all languages, throughout the world, in all media. Editors ask that you refrain from publishing articles featured in WWQR in another journal, print or electronic. The journal asks only that authors acknowledge in subsequent works the publication of earlier versions in WWQR.

The author may include the officially published version of the article (version of record) in an institutional or disciplinary repository, provided the posting includes a prominent statement of the full bibliographical details, and a link to the online edition of the journal. Requests for permission to reuse the articles should be sent to the author(s).

Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce any material in which they do not own copyright, to be used in print and electronic media and for ensuring that the appropriate acknowledgments are included in their manuscript. Prior to publication authors must clear the necessary reproduction rights for any images, photos, figures, music, or content credited to a third party that they wish to use, which fall outside of the fair use provisions described in U.S. copyright law. We request that our authors seek nonexclusive, worldwide rights in all formats and media, for one-time use from the rights holder of the material to be used. Upon submission, authors agree that the material does not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of third parties.

Peer Review

Walt Whitman Quarterly Review operates a double blind peer review policy. All submitted essays are read and evaluated by expert readers, and a decision about publication is generally made within two months of submission. Manuscripts will be reviewed by at least two scholars. Every effort will be made to notify authors within 90 days of submission concerning the reviewers' recommendations and comments.


Walt Whitman Quarterly Review allows the following licences for submission:

  • InCopyright
    Freely available, but without Creative Commons licensing. This item is in copyright.

Publication Fees

The Walt Whitman Quarterly Review is an open access, online literary quarterly journal. This means that all content is freely available without charge to the user or their institution Unlike many open-access publications, WWQR does not charge any author fees. This does not mean that the journal does not have any associated costs. WWQR is sponsored by the Graduate College and the Department of English and published by The University of Iowa.

Publication Cycle

This journal is a quarterly publication; four issues are published each year in Winter, Spring, Fall, and Summer. Occasionally WWQR publishes special double issues.


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