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The Palimpsest (ISSN: 0031-0360 (Print) ISSN: (2638-4086) (Online), ISSN-L 0031-0360) was a historical magazine published the State Historical Society of Iowa from 1920 to 1996. It was continued by Iowa Heritage Illustrated.

Publication History

The Palimpsest was published monthly from 1920-1972, bimonthly from 1973-1985, and quarterly after 1986.

Back issues are available.


  • John C Parish, 1920–August 1922
  • John Ely Briggs, September 1922–1945
  • Ruth A Gallaher, 1946–September 1948
  • William John Petersen, October 1948–September 1972
  • Peter T. Harstad and L. Edward Purcell, October 1972–January/February 1975
  • L. Edward Purcell, March/April 1975–1977
  • Charles Phillips, 1978–1979
  • William Silag, 1980–1982
  • Mary K. Fredericksen, 1983–1986
  • Ginalie Swaim, 1987–1995

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