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SRH-2D (Sedimentation and River Hydraulics - 2D River Flow Modeling

  • Scott Hogan (FHWA)


FHWA recently adopted the US Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) SRH-2D two-dimensional hydraulic model. In recognizing the limitations of the current FHWA FST2DH model and seeing the much improved modeling capabilities of SRH-2D, FHWA partnered with the USBR to incorporate several new transportation related hydraulic features into the model. FHWA is also sponsoring the development of a custom graphical user interface in the Surface Water-modeling System (SMS) software.

SRH-2D is comparable to many existing two-dimensional (2D) models with regard to modeling capabilities, but it really ‘stands-out’ in two key areas. First of all, it uses a hybrid irregular-mesh that accommodates arbitrarily shaped cells. A combination of quadrilateral and triangular elements may be used with varying densities to obtain the desired detail and solution accuracy in specific areas of interest. This flexibility allows for greater detail in specified areas without compromising computing time. Secondly, SRH-2D uses a numerical solution scheme that is impressively robust and stable. The element wetting and drying issues that plagued many FST2DH (FESWMS) models are no longer a problem. Together, the improved SRH-2D model and custom SMS interface will provide a powerful tool for transportation hydraulics. As several states have already experienced, users will find it much simpler to prepare and run a model, and review results.

This presentation provides an overview of the SRH-2D model and SMS interface. An example model will be presented to give participants an understanding of the input data required for a model simulation and also highlight the application of a 2D model compared to a 1D model.

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  • Panel moderated by Wesley Peck, TDOT.
  • About the Presenters: Mr. Hogan is a Hydraulic Engineer with the FHWA Resource Center in Lakewood, CO. He specializes in bridge hydraulics, hydraulic modeling, scour, sediment transport, and countermeasure design. Prior to the Resource Center, Mr. Hogan served as the Hydraulics Team Lead for the Central Federal Lands Highway Division for seven years and was a consulting engineer for fourteen years before that. Through his entire career he has worked in river engineering and has essentially become a hydraulic modeling ‘junkie’.

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Published on
20 Aug 2014
Peer Reviewed