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Lunch Presentation - Self Cleaning Culverts

  • Dave Mulholland (IOWADOT)


This presentation will explain the invaluable research that has been performed by the Iowa Department of Transportation regarding the reduction of sediment accumulation in multi-barrel culverts. This promising flume research (IHRB TR-596) determined that the construction of “wedges” in the flared inlet aprons can replicate the approach channel geometry and minimize the accumulation of sediment in multi-barrel culverts. The wedges have been constructed for a triple RCB along IA 1 in Iowa City for site evaluation since December, 2012. The site is under continuous monitoring for sediment load and discharge to monitor the success/failure of the wedges at a site. A site visit of this important research is planned during the conference.

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  • About the presenters: Dave Mulholland is an Iowa native with a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering from Iowa State University. He is currently employed as a transportation engineer in the Office of Bridges and Structures of the Iowa Department of Transportation. Dave has 20 years of experience in various aspects of civil engineering including preliminary bridge design, hydraulic\drainage analysis and design, water supply engineering, street and highway transportation design, residential and commercial development, construction review services and structural design for water and wastewater facilities. Dave is also an active member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and has served on various committees and boards of multiple engineering societies and organizations.

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Published on
21 Aug 2014
Peer Reviewed