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This is a digital archive of Little Village magazine (ISSN: 2328-3351 (Print); ISSN 2328-3378 (Online); ISSN-L 2328-3351), a free, alternative, news and entertainment magazine covering culture in Iowa City, Iowa, and includes back issues dating from July 2001 when the magazine was founded.

The current issues can be found on the Little Village site and on issuu.

Little Village tells stories with surprising voices and from unexpected points of view. We are locally owned and operated by a lean staff connected to the community. Our editorial focus is the news, culture and art of Iowa City and Iowa at large. Little Village favors the small and local, champions the sustainable, yet believes in considering more than one side of an issue. Little Village reflects a town that is complex, often contradictory, and always extraordinary. In Little Village, you’ll find some of the best writing, photography and artwork anywhere. We are committed to giving our readers a great experience. More than anything, we strive to listen to the people of Iowa City and make Little Village their magazine.

Publication History


  • Todd Kimm, no.1 (2001)–no.52 (2005)
  • Alissa Van Winkle, no.52 (2005)–no.66 (2007)
  • Kevin Koppes, no.67 (2007)–no.68 (2007)
  • Andrew Sherburne, no.69 (2008)–no.93 (2010)
  • Matthew Steele, no.94 (2010)–no.296 (2021)
  • Genevieve Trainor, no.297 (2021)–


  • Twice a month: August 2001–November 2001
  • Monthly: December 2001–August 2012
  • Every two weeks: September 2012–June 2020
  • Monthly: July 2020–

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Little Village is preserved in Portico.

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