Volume 2013


How and Why, Not What and Where: An Examination of Four Music Library Research Texts and their Relevance in the Digital Age

Sarah B Alexander

2013-02-16 Volume 2013 • 1–11

An Examination of Youth Services in Public Libraries

Carla Frazer

2013-08-17 Volume 2013 • 1–12

Librarians in the Midst: On the Need for Librarians with a Background in Science to Collaborate with Science Instructors in the Science Classroom

Barbara C Harvey

2013-08-17 Volume 2013 • 1–17


Where the Queer Things Are: Library Services to LGBTQ Youth

Sarah B Alexander

2013-04-26 Volume 2013 • 1–2

Spaces of Encounter: Community and the Public Library

Bennett C Magnino

2013-08-31 Volume 2013 • 1–2