Petroleum V. Nasby, Poet of Democracy, and His "Psalm of Gladness"



Reprints David Ross Locke’s parodic letter-poem (written in the persona of “whiskey-addicted Copperhead” Petroleum V. Nasby), “A Psalm of Gladness—The Veto of the Civil Rights Bill, and other Matters, occasioning a Feeling of Thankfulness in the Minds of the Democracy,” and analyzes how the satire “associates Nasby’s style of ‘jubilation’ with the poetry of Walt Whitman,” showing how “the satire does not attack Whitman’s verse so much as it condemns it by association with the style of Nasby.”


How to Cite: Miller, J. (2009) “Petroleum V. Nasby, Poet of Democracy, and His "Psalm of Gladness"”, Walt Whitman Quarterly Review. 27(1/2). doi: