From Biochemistry to Patent Law: An Undergraduate Journey



A University of Iowa student, Sophia Vogeler, pursues discovery in the research lab of Dr. Charles Brenner in the Department of Biochemistry. While her undergraduate major, biochemistry, is a popular one on campus, Vogeler’s future directions will take her to Law School.

Biochemistry and Law School seem like a disconnect to many, but this was the logical path for Vogeler. For a future in patent law, participation in research as an undergraduate was instrumental to her understanding of how research leads to the creation of patents and development of drugs.

In this article, Vogeler and Dr. Brenner highlight the undergraduate research experience and how it can play a key role in future careers. Research can start and end in different places for many, but continues to be an important undergraduate experience at the University of Iowa.

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Keywords: patent law, biochemistry, research, Iowa, university, careers

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