STEM at Stead: Catapults

Author: Aubree Larson (University of Iowa)

  • STEM at Stead: Catapults


    STEM at Stead: Catapults



STEM at Stead consists of three experiment kits aimed at assisting patients in the Stead Family Children’s Hospital with science, engineering, and math education. These experiment kits and discussion materials were created to help fill the gap of information patients were experiencing during their stay at the hospital and consequently their absence from school. The three experiments include building a catapult, creating a bouncy ball, and discovering effective handwashing techniques. The pictures listed with this post show examples from the experiments. The experiments are split into three different levels: beginner, practiced, and advanced scientists. These materials can be found in the interactive power point attached to this document. The experiments were first trialed in the Child/ Adolescent Psychiatry Unit before being introduced to the rest of the units in the children’s hospital. The kits and discussion materials are now available for all pediatric patients (and siblings of patients) inside UIHC. The kits were developed so the teachers within UIHC could run them independently and the hope is for the kits to stay in the units for the years to come.

Keywords: STEM, pediatric, education, experiments

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Published on
31 Dec 2019
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