Video Essay

Neuroscience: What we don't know is the most exciting part



Scientists learn more about our world and ourselves every day, and many of these insights are made public through the internet. This should present an opportunity for every individual to be science literate and even engaged in science. However, conflicting headlines and false information create a confusing and suspicious landscape for learning. In this onslaught of information, it is easy to forget what science actually is, and why it is so important to society. My goal is to communicate science differently. Science is not a collection of facts. Science is a process, a continual questioning of what we know and an infinite search for deeper understanding. I focus on the wonder of science and highlight how much we still have to learn.


How to Cite: Schreiber, K. (2017) “Neuroscience: What we don't know is the most exciting part”, Synthesis: A Digital Journal of Student Science Communication. 1(1). doi: