Conversations about research at the University of Iowa



Communication in the sciences is becoming increasingly important. The public needs honest brokers of accurate scientific information to disseminate technical knowledge and evidence-based solutions for complex problems. This project, a collection of science stories for a broad audience, began with the goal to infuse society with accurate scientific information in a language salient for a general audience. These stories are a collection of conversations about scientific research and translations of peer-reviewed, technical publications to reach non-scientist audiences. The collection, Conversations about Research at the University of Iowa, gives much-needed recognition of the research done in a range of departments at the University of Iowa, including Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Medicine, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Management Sciences. The research represented in these stories covers a plethora of topics, including stem cells and stroke, an algorithm to predict box office movie success, online advertisement blockers, Parkinson’s disease and deep brain stimulation, mathematical modeling of myeloma and osteoarthritis, the physics behind improved light-emitting diodes, freshwater mussels as a defense against nitrogen pollution, and numerous other captivating research projects conducted at the University of Iowa.


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