Save Us

Author: Breanna Battaglia (University of Iowa)

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    Save Us


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Published on
05 Nov 2012
Peer Reviewed
Poroi, 8, 2, Battaglia Project on Rhetoric of Inquiry

Save Us

Breanna Battaglia

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA USA

Behind the glittering smiles and flagged lapels,

Potential leaders of the free have a platform to sell.

2012 has been a year of heartache and strife.

We’ve all been slashed by the political knife.

What happened to you when the cost of living went up?

The landlords and banks are nothing but corrupt.

Were you evicted, shamed, and tossed to the street?

Were you left without pride and something to eat?

What happened to you when they stripped your job?

You took it like a man, trying to choke back a sob.

Remember that pink slip accompanied by a mountain of fear?

What would you tell your family? You’ve been there for 20 years.

We stand here today, pleading for a voice.

Romney or Obama. Who will be our choice?

Which man will prove to possess greater dignity?

After all, he’ll represent the land of the free.

The focus of our nation is freedom and justice for all.

But who will pick up the pieces of our tragic economic fall?

Just because you’re wealthy, these men feign to understand

The constant strain and struggle of middle class men and women.

We don’t want falsified promises or obstructions of our rights.

We want someone who, for equality, will fight.

Despite one’s class, race, age, or gender

A president’s service in itself will, to Americans, surrender.

The power of a vote is reliant on the act of a single hand.

This 2012 election will prove to the United States who is the better man.