Author: Jacqueline Jordan (University of Iowa)

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Published on
05 Nov 2012
Peer Reviewed
Poroi, 8, 2, Jordan Project on Rhetoric of Inquiry


Jacqueline Jordan

Journalism and African American Studies Major
University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA USA

Iowa’s variety of cultures, colorful, candid people scream!

Black and Gold, equality!

Polls are scarce, people in despair.

Children cry while elders curse.

Leaves fall orange, yellow, red and green.

Change in November or never?

Dreams never promised, but bring hope.

Hope that creates careers and chance.


Conservative or Liberal?

Poverty or millions?

Light or Dark stature?

War between color and white lies.

Dark bleeds blue, White pursues red.

Blame color or mistakes that are long-term.

Will affordable education

Develop job growth?

12 trillion to 16 trillion in debt,

Grew before year 2008.

Stereotypes linger

Inhibiting one’s individual


He can help women, largest demographic

Seeking education.

Women who can change

The world.

Lack of experience in “white house”,

Elephants blame blatant potential.

Donkeys tentative,

Skeptic and enraged.

Socialites judge while,

Tick tock tick, seconds go by,

Currency overflows like a silent waterfall to a select few

While larger corporations

Prey upon American consumers.

No he is not out of time.

Change had always been ‘about’ time,


2012 election.

Second term or back to “white” house?

No one knows.

Does anyone care?

Future is in delicate anonymous hands.

Red, white and blue unite or back to 1960?

Will hope end, or will it remain.

Stereotypes remain with a dark stain on ballots.

Vote for the American Dream or a white picket fence?

It’s up to,