Case Report

Uterus didelphys with multiple fibroids: A case report

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Uterine anomalies are congenital malformations caused by fusion or resorption defects during embryogenesis. Uterus didelphys, or a double uterus, is a rare condition that occurs in female fetuses as they develop in the womb. Here we report a case of a 46 year old virginal female with uterus didelphys along with multiple fibroids of both uteri and a right ovarian cyst. The patient underwent a total abdominal hysterectomy with adnexa removal. The specimen showed leiomyoma of uterus with ovarian endometriosis.

Keywords: uterus didelphys, fibroid, chocolate cyst, double uterus, mullerian duct

How to Cite: Ali, M. K., Dr , Abdelbadee, A. Y., Dr , Mohammed Shazly, S. A., Dr & Abbas, A. M., Dr (2013) “Uterus didelphys with multiple fibroids: A case report”, Proceedings in Obstetrics and Gynecology. 3(2). doi: