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Primitive forcible contraception in sub-Saharan Africa

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A 33-year-old multiparous patient was admitted to our gynecology outpatient service with complaints of severe abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, malodorous vaginal discharge, difficulty in sexual intercourse and difficulty in urination for the last one month. Hereby, we aimed to show this creative, brutal and primitive way of contraception in a local tribe in the Darfur region of sub-Saharan Africa.

Keywords: Primitive, forcible contraception, sub-Saharan Africa

How to Cite: Birge, O. , Kayar, I. , Merdin, A. , Ozbey, E. G. , Adiyeke, M. & Akgor, U. (2015) “Primitive forcible contraception in sub-Saharan Africa”, Proceedings in Obstetrics and Gynecology. 5(3). doi: