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Integrated approach for accurate localization of optic disc and macula

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The location of three main anatomical structures in the retina namely the optic disc, the vascular arch, and the macula is significant for the analysis of retinal images. Presented here is a novel method that uses an integrated approach to automatically localize the optic disc and the macula with very high accuracy even in the presence of confounders such as lens artifacts, glare, bright pathologies and acquisition variations such as non-uniform illumination, blur and poor contrast. Evaluated on a collective set of 579 diverse pathological images from various publicly available datasets, our method achieves sensitivity > 99% and normalized localization error < 5% for optic disc and macula localization.


How to Cite: Sundaresan, V. , Ram, K. , Joshi, N. , Sivaprakasam, M. & Gandhi, R. (2014) “Integrated approach for accurate localization of optic disc and macula”, Proceedings of the Ophthalmic Medical Image Analysis International Workshop. 1(2014). doi: