Style Guide

IJCS Submissions Style Sheet

Margins and line spacing: Margins should be no less than one inch on all sides, and essays should be double-spaced. Extracted (indented) quotations should be one inch from the left margin, but flush with the right margin

Endnotes: Use endnotes, not footnotes. Endnotes should follow the main body of text and should be titled simply "Notes."

Works Cited: The Works Cited page should follow the Notes and should be titled "works Cited." All works cited entries should follow themost recent format outlined by the MLA Handbook.

Citations: Following MLA style, all citations should be parenthetical and should include the author's name and page number, e.g. (Mitchell 23). If you use more than one book by the same author, include a shortened version of the title as well, e.g. (Mitchell, History23). See MLA for clarification or with other questions.

Italics: Use italics, not underline, for titles, emphasis, and uncommonly used foreign words.

Parentheses, dashes, and quotations marks: Keep stylistic uses of parentheses, dashes, and quoataion marks--e.g. for emphasis--to a minimum. When you do use dashes, please use on long dash with no spaces.

Prefixes: Most words with prefixes will be solid, e.g. postcolonial, antiterrorist.

Abreviations: Familiar abbreviations will be given without periods, e.g. BBC, YMCA.

Compound words: Hyphenate compounds when used edjectivally but no twhen used as nouns, e.g. ninettenth-century (adjective) but nineteenth centur (noun).

Foreign words: With the exception of familiar words commonly used in the context of literary criticism (e.g. mestizo, Bildungsroman) foreign words should appear in italics.

Lists: Wen designating items within a list by letters or numerals, use the following format: 1) 2) or a) b).

Page numbers: When indicating a range of pages, either in parenthetical documentation in the text or in the works cited page, omit the numeral in the hundreds place of the second number if it remains as in the first number, e.g. 275-83.

Paragraphing: All paragraphs should be indented 1/2 inch with the exception of the first paragraph in the essay and teh first paragraph following a subheading, which are flush left.

Subheadings: Subheading titles should have on extra (double) space preceding them but only the usual (double) space following them. Subhead titles should appear in all capital letters.

Ellipses: The omission of words, phrases or sentences from quoted passages must be indicated by ellipses according the the guidelines outlined in section 2.7.5 of the MLA Handbook, Sixth Edition. Brackets are no longer required.