The Goldfinch, Vol. 2, no. 3 (February 1981)



Keywords: Agriculture, Bluestem grass, Book farming, Business, Conservation, Crop rotation, Cyrus McCormick, Development of farming, Diaries, journals, and letters, Draft horses, Early farming, Education, Effects of Civil War, Emily Hawley Gillespie, Environment, Equipment, Farming, George Washington Carver, Great Prairies, Henry Agard (Henry A.) Wallace, Henry C. (Harry) Wallace, Horses, Iowa State Fair, Iowa State University, John Deere, Land conservation, Law, Machinery, Magazines, Morrill Land Grant Act, Newspapers, North American boundaries, Prairies, Protests, Railroads, Steam engines, Thomas Jefferson, Sulky hay rake, J. Hollingsworth & Co, Threshing machine, Farm machinery, Plows, "Hawkeye Cultivator, Threshing, Iowa State Agricultural College, “The Iowa Homestead”, “Wallace’s Farmer”, James “Tama Jim” Wilson

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