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Driver Opinions of Simulator-Based Commercial Driver Training

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Simulator-based training provides the opportunity to train drivers in a potentially lower cost and safer environment than traditional, behind-the-wheel, training methods. Thus, many motor carriers have begun adopting simulators for use during in-house driver training. This report presents the result of focus groups with drivers who experienced truck simulator-based training at two large motor carriers. In general, drivers at both carriers had positive opinions of simulatorbased training. Most suggestions to improve the program were directed towards modification of how the program was implemented and/or creating a more realistic simulation of the driving environment.


How to Cite: Morgan, J. , Tidwell, S. , Blanco, M. , Medina, A. , Hanowski, R. & Ajayi, O. (2011) “Driver Opinions of Simulator-Based Commercial Driver Training”, Driving Assessment Conference. 6(2011). doi: