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Encouraging Environmentally Friendly Driving Through Driver Assistance: The
eCo Move Project

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A questionnaire study was conducted in order to identify relevant driver motives and assistance options for environmentally-friendly driving. Eighteen participants rated items belonging to the three factors time, environment, and consumption, and subsequently evaluated three types of driver assistance systems. Results concerning the motives showed that older drivers (above the age of 65) focused significantly less on the time motive, whereas high annual mileage drivers tended to focus more on the time motive compared to low annual mileage drivers. Small vehicle drivers emphasized more on the environment motive compared to middle-class/van drivers. In terms of the driver assistance options for eco-friendly driving, a display of the current consumption rate through colorcoding received the highest number of first place rankings in the category intelligent vehicle information systems. A function that automatically shuts off the engine after a certain stopping time, as well as optimal gear choice and time to shift, were ranked high in the category intelligent advanced driver assistance systems. In the category intelligent navigation systems, a traffic- and situational adaptive navigation system was ranked the highest most often. Assessment of drivers’ preferences additionally showed that most participants preferred the assistance functions to provide visual information as opposed to direct intervention. The results concerning the driver groups and their underlying driving motives as well as the preference statements will be used to inform the design and development of assistance functions for promoting eco-driving within the European eCo Move project.


How to Cite: Fricke, N. & Schießl, C. (2011) “Encouraging Environmentally Friendly Driving Through Driver Assistance: The
eCo Move Project”, Driving Assessment Conference. 6(2011). doi: