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Effect of Feedback on Performance in the Lane-Change Test

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The Lane-Change Test (LCT) is an easy-to-use methodological tool that has proven useful for researching dual-task driving situations. This paper examines the effect of feedback on LCT performance. Feedback is important for maintaining the focus of attention on the primary (driving) task and providing motivation for learning. An experiment was conducted in which two driver groups performed the LCT with or without end-of-block summary feedback. Results showed that the presence of feedback significantly improved performance, as revealed by lower overall means and lower standard deviations (with practice) of lateral deviation values. We conclude that feedback can have a positive effect on performance in the LCT and, therefore, it may be critical to include such feedback when using this, as well as similar tasks, to investigate dual-task driving situations.


How to Cite: Berthon-Donk, V. , Grosjean, M. & Rinkenauer, G. (2011) “Effect of Feedback on Performance in the Lane-Change Test”, Driving Assessment Conference. 6(2011). doi: