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Traumatic Brain Injury and Driver Safety: A Systematic Review

  • Stephen Tregear (MANILA Consulting Group, Inc., McLean, VA)
  • Jessica Williams (MANILA Consulting Group, Inc., McLean, VA)
  • Damilola Funmilayo (MANILA Consulting Group, Inc., McLean, VA)


Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can lead to impairments in cognitive, physical, and psychosocial functions, which may ultimately affect an individual’s ability to drive. A systematic review was conducted to: 1) assess the impact of TBI on crash risk/driving performance; 2) determine what factors associated with TBI are predictive of increased crash risk/poor driving performance; and 3) determine if there is a likelihood of future seizure among individuals with a TBI who did not experience a seizure at the time of the injury. Results indicated that: 1) The available evidence is insufficient to determine whether crash risk is elevated for drivers with TBI compared to uninjured controls (Summary RR=1.32; 95% CI=0.77-2.25). However, driving performance was significantly impaired among individuals with TBI compared to uninjured controls (Strength of Evidence: Moderate); 2) Cognitive function measured by certain neuropsychological tests may predict the outcome of driving performance measured by a road test for patients with TBI. (Strength of Evidence: Moderate); and 3) Individuals with TBI who have not experienced a seizure within the first week post-injury still have a significant likelihood of experiencing late seizure(s). Frequencies of late seizures ranged from 1% to 25% during follow-up periods ranging from 1 to 11 years (Strength of Evidence: Moderate). The highest rate of late seizures (25%) was associated primarily with penetrating missile TBIs (Strength of Evidence: Minimally Acceptable [32% vs. 5%]). These findings have potential implications for regulatory agencies with responsibility for road safety.

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Published on
30 Jun 2011
Peer Reviewed