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Active Traffic Management Sign Comprehension

  • William A Perez (SAIC, McLean, VA)
  • Marieke H Philips (Federal Highway Administration, McLean, VA)


Active traffic management (ATM) strategies are being deployed in the United States to deliver additional information to drivers. Per lane variable speed limit and lane control signs are being deployed along with dynamic message signs that display warning and other motorist information. The Manual of Uniformed Traffic Control Devices currently does not provide guidelines or standards for these signs. The present research is the first in a series of studies aimed at providing data that can be used to develop guidelines and standards. This study used laboratory procedures to examine comprehension and preference for various variable speed limit and lane control sign messages. The results indicate that while participants sometimes make errors interpreting some advisory messages, they generally correctly interpreted the lane control and speed limit ATM signs.

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Published on
19 Jun 2013
Peer Reviewed