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Considering the Human Across Levels of Automation: Implications for Reliance

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This paper introduces human considerations that have yet to be fully addressed in industry standards for levels of automation. Currently-deployed vehicle automation is discussed according to these standards from a human interaction framing. The taxonomy-centric description of individual features provides insights into the challenges drivers may have in use of features in actual driving conditions. Initial data from an on-going naturalistic driving study of Tesla drivers is presented as a first-look at the prevalence of interaction challenges in real-world automation based on technology use. Implications for system design and training are discussed with the aim of centering industry and policy discussions on human-centric technology development.


How to Cite: Seppelt, B. , Reimer, B. , Angell, L. & Seaman, S. (2017) “Considering the Human Across Levels of Automation: Implications for Reliance”, Driving Assessment Conference. 9(2017). doi: