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Posing Questions and Policy Suggestions: Autonomous Vehicles & Climate Change

  • Melody Barnard (George Mason University)
  • Robert Hitt (George Mason University)
  • Michael Norton (George Mason University)
  • Yi-Ching Lee (George Mason University)


The introduction of autonomous vehicles (AVs) is projected to increase safety and efficiency of transportation. However, climate change poses a challenge to the smooth integration of AVs to current transportation infrastructure. Increased extreme weather events, higher precipitation and temperature, and damages to infrastructure are challenges AVs will face. Therefore, the authors advocate for Planned Adaptive Regulation, and raise questions that they feel policymakers and driving assessment should consider.

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Barnard, M. & Hitt, R. & Norton, M. & Lee, Y., (2019) “Posing Questions and Policy Suggestions: Autonomous Vehicles & Climate Change”, Driving Assessment Conference 10(2019), 308-313. doi:

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Published on
26 Jun 2019
Peer Reviewed