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Comparison of Driver Brake Reaction Times to Multimodal Rear-end Collision Warnings

  • Jeffrey J Scott (Arizona State University)
  • Rob Gray (Arizona State University)


This study examined the effectiveness of rear-end collision warnings presented in different sensory modalities as a function of warning timing in a driving simulator. Drivers experienced four warning conditions: no warning, visual, auditory, and tactile. The warnings activated when the time-to-collision (TTC) reached a critical value of 3.0 or 5.0 s TTC. Driver reaction time (RT) was captured from the time the driver crossed the warning activation threshold to brake initiation. Mean driver RT data showed that the tactile warning significantly outperformed the visual warning, providing support for tactile displays as effective rear-end collision warnings.

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Scott, J. & Gray, R., (2007) “Comparison of Driver Brake Reaction Times to Multimodal Rear-end Collision Warnings”, Driving Assessment Conference 4(2007), 285-291. doi:

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  • Honda Outstanding Student Paper Award

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Published on
11 Jul 2007
Peer Reviewed