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Age-Related Driving Performance: Effect of Fog Under Dual-Task Conditions

  • Rui Ni (University of California, Riverside)
  • Julie Kang (University of California, Riverside)
  • George J Andersen (University of California, Riverside)


The present study investigated the driving performance of older and younger drivers using a dual-task paradigm. Drivers were requred to do a car-following task while detecting a signal light change in a light array above the roadway in the driving simulator under different fog conditions. Decreased accuracies and longer response times were recorded for older drivers, compared to younger drivers, expecially under dense fog conditions. In addition, older drivers had decreased car following performance when simultaneously performing the light-detection task. These results suggets that under poor weather conditions (e.g. fog), with reduced visibility, older drivers may have an increased accident risk because of a decreased ability to perform multiple tasks.

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Ni, R. & Kang, J. & Andersen, G., (2007) “Age-Related Driving Performance: Effect of Fog Under Dual-Task Conditions”, Driving Assessment Conference 4(2007), 365-370. doi:

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Published on
11 Jul 2007
Peer Reviewed