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Effects of Visual and Cognitive Distraction on Lane Change Test Performance

  • Johan Engström (Volvo Technology Corporation, Sweden)
  • Gustav Markkula (Volvo Technology Corporation, Sweden)


Driver errors related to visual and cognitive distraction were studied in the context of the Lane Change Test (LCT). New performance metrics were developed in order to capture the specific effects of visual and cognitive distraction. In line with previous research, it was found that the two types of distraction impaired driving in different ways. Visual, but not cognitive, distraction led to reduced path control. By contrast, only cognitive distraction affected detection and recognition/response selection. Theoretical and practical implications of these results are discussed.

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Engström, J. & Markkula, G., (2007) “Effects of Visual and Cognitive Distraction on Lane Change Test Performance”, Driving Assessment Conference 4(2007), 199-205. doi:

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Published on
10 Jul 2007
Peer Reviewed