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Effects of Chinese Font Style and Color on Variable Message Signs

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Variable message signs (VMS) are important traffic control devices for increasing road utility and decreasing traffic accidents. This study investigated the effects of Chinese font style (Hei, Ming, and Kai) and font color (red, green, and yellow) of VMS on subjects’ response performance (response time and accuracy) from an ergonomic viewpoint. Computer-generated VMS stimuli were merged with driver’s-view driving video and projected onto a screen while subjects made responses. The results showed that Chinese font style and font color both were significant factors in subjects’ response performance. Subjects took less response time for Hei style than for Kai and Ming styles, and exhibited higher accuracy for Hei and Ming styles than for Kai style. Subjects responded faster and more correctly for yellow and green font colors than for red. Additionally, the interaction of font style and font color had a significant effect on subjects’ response performance. Response times for yellow and green colors were shorter than for red on each font style. Subjects had the longest time for Ming style in red color, while they had the least correct for Kai style in red color. The results from this study may assist in adopting appropriate Chinese font and color on VMS and in improving safe and efficient driving for motorists on the freeway.


How to Cite: Lai, C. , Wang, D. & Yen, K. (2007) “Effects of Chinese Font Style and Color on Variable Message Signs”, Driving Assessment Conference. 4(2007). doi: