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Driving Simulators for Commercial Truck Drivers - Humans in the Loop

  • Talleah Allen (University of Central Florida, Orlando)
  • Ronald Tarr (University of Central Florida, Orlando)


This paper reports the findings of a research study that addresses differences in human performance outcomes based on various driving simulators, as measured by comparison of scores resulting from completion of the Virtual Check Ride System (VCRS), a simulator-based, blended learning Commercial Drivers License (CDL) application. The objective of the project was to examine human performance across four different levels of driving simulators and to determine if driving simulators can contribute to human performance improvement. Each level of simulator has a definite set of tasks that can be performed on it to enhance human performance. By identifying which level of driving simulator is the best fit according to the skill, knowledge, and attitude task element, we can now prescribe for diagnostic, testing, pre-hire, remediation, safety issues and advanced driving skills.

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Allen, T. & Tarr, R., (2005) “Driving Simulators for Commercial Truck Drivers - Humans in the Loop”, Driving Assessment Conference 3(2005), 335-341. doi:

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Published on
29 Jun 2005
Peer Reviewed