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The Perceptions of Emergency Vehicle Drivers Using Simulation in Driver Training

  • Jeffrey T Lindsey (University of South Florida, Tampa)
  • David F Barron (University of South Florida, Tampa)


The number of accidents over the past decade involving emergencyvehicles is a major concern for emergency service providers. This study assessedthe perception of adding a driving simulator to a traditional training program. Thesample population consisted of Emergency Medical Technician students attendingthe National EMS Academy in Lafayette, LA. The group self-scheduled whichday they would attend the driving portion of the class. This resulted in 52participants in the control group and 50 participants in the treatment group. Thetreatment group used a driving simulator prior to driving on the competencycourse.Surveys were used to assess the emergency vehicle operators’ perceptions ofusing a driving simulator as part of an emergency vehicle training course. Thesimulator allowed the treatment group to understand the course prior to actuallydriving the course. The control group thought the simulator would have affordedthem the opportunity to learn the course before actually driving the course. Bothgroups thought the simulator should be a part of the driver training course, but didnot see the simulator replacing actual driving experience. Emergency MedicalTechnician students in both the treatment and control group thought the simulatorwould improve their driving ability.

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Published on
28 Jun 2005
Peer Reviewed