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Sex and the Single-Vehicle Crash

  • Leonard Evans (Science Serving Society, Bloomfield Hills, MI)


The characteristics of the more than 15 million drivers involved in traffic crashes in the US annually depart markedly from those of a random sample of the US population. In particular, males are far more likely to crash than females, and young drivers far more likely to crash than older drivers. Sex and age differences are examined not only for drivers, but for road users who are not drivers, and for situations unrelated to traffic. Consistent differences are found, and these relate to intrinsic hormonal differences. While much of the traffic-crash problem originates at a fundamental behavioral and physiological level, this does not mean that there cannot be highly effective countermeasures. However, it does underline that such intrinsic human characteristics must be acknowledged when countermeasures are sought.

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Published on
28 Jun 2005
Peer Reviewed