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Novice Driver Training Results and Experience with a PC Based Simulator

  • R Wade Allen (Systems Technology, Inc., Hawthorne, CA)
  • George Park (Systems Technology, Inc., Hawthorne, CA)
  • Marcia Cook (Systems Technology, Inc., Hawthorne, CA)
  • Dary Fiorentino (Southern California Research Institute, Los Angeles, CA)
  • Erik Viirre (University of California at San Diego)


This paper reports on work accomplished subsequent to a pilot study that was presented at the 2001 conference. This current study will eventually involve the training of over 500 novice drivers, and subsequent comparison of real-world accident and violation rates of the simulator trained group with a traditionally trained control group of demographically matched novice drivers. This paper describes the simulator training system and presents some training data for 111 student subjects collected at three sites involving different simulator configurations. These configurations include a desktop system with a single monitor narrow field of view display, a desktop system with wide field of view display and a cab with wide field of view display. The results include performance measures, a measure of simulator sickness and experience involved in implementing driver-training simulators in the high school environment.

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Allen, R. & Park, G. & Cook, M. & Fiorentino, D. & Viirre, E., (2003) “Novice Driver Training Results and Experience with a PC Based Simulator”, Driving Assessment Conference 2(2003), 165-170. doi:

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Published on
23 Jul 2003
Peer Reviewed