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Drivers' Perception of and Response to Brake Failure

  • Hamish Jamson (University of Leeds, U.K.)
  • Paul Smith (University of Leeds, U.K.)


The behaviour and emotional state of 48 drivers was investigated during both servo booster and hydraulic circuit brake failures on a proving ground. Results suggested that the most informed and least “stressed” drivers seemed to be the most successful in bringing the test vehicle to a safe stop. The interpretation of these results fed into a study using a driving simulator. Interventions were examined that tested both the “engineering” of the vehicle to a more stringent interpretation of current legislation and driver “information” with a novel visual/auditory warning system. Targeting the vehicle, not the driver, seemed to the best way to manage the rare event of brake failure.

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Jamson, H. & Smith, P., (2003) “Drivers' Perception of and Response to Brake Failure”, Driving Assessment Conference 2(2003), 231-238. doi:

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Published on
24 Jul 2003
Peer Reviewed