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Assessment in Driving Simulators: Where We Are and Where We Go

  • Bart Kappé (TNO, Soesterberg, Netherlands)
  • Leo de Penning (TNO, Soesterberg, Netherlands)
  • Maarten Marsman (RCEC, Arnhem, Netherlands)
  • Erik Roelofs (CITO, Arnhem, Netherlands)


This paper describes the mindset at the start of a three year project to develop a test on a driving simulator. It reviews the literature, presents background information on driver training simulators and their relation with assessment. It then introduces some of the ideas behind this project, the adaptive cognitive model that will be used, as well as the interoperable assessment module we will develop.

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Kappé, B. & de Penning, L. & Marsman, M. & Roelofs, E., (2009) “Assessment in Driving Simulators: Where We Are and Where We Go”, Driving Assessment Conference 5(2009), 183-190. doi:

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Published on
23 Jun 2009
Peer Reviewed