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Gender Effects on Lane Change Test (LCT) Performance

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There are various easy-to-implement, low-cost methodologies for evaluating driver performance under distraction caused by in-vehicle tasks. One of them is the Lane Change Test (LCT), which is currently under consideration for becoming an ISO-standardized procedure. This paper investigates the effect of gender on LCT performance. Although a common procedure in psychological research, balancing for gender is not a requirement made by the ISO draft. However, using data from three LCT experiments, we found gender differences in LCT as well as secondary task performance. We conclude that subject samples balanced for gender are necessary to assure comparability of LCT results.


How to Cite: Petzoldt, T. , Bär, N. & Krems, J. (2009) “Gender Effects on Lane Change Test (LCT) Performance”, Driving Assessment Conference. 5(2009). doi: