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Normative Values for Driving Simulation Parameters: A Pilot Study

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In this pilot study, data obtained from a population of healthy younger (18-24 yrs), middle aged (25-64 yrs) and older drivers (65+ yrs) were used to establish normative values of parameters commonly documented during simulated driving. The older drivers’ performances in most of the driving skills assessed were significantly worse than those of the other 2 classes of drivers. In line with previous studies, our data showed deterioration of driving skills with increasing age. The test-retest reliability of the driving simulation parameters were moderate to very high.


How to Cite: Akinwuntan, A. , Tank, R. , Vaughn, L. , Wilburn, A. & Easton, S. (2009) “Normative Values for Driving Simulation Parameters: A Pilot Study”, Driving Assessment Conference. 5(2009). doi: