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Ascertainment of On-Road Safety Errors Based on Video Review

  • Jeffrey D Dawson (University of Iowa, Iowa City)
  • Ergun UC (University of Iowa, Iowa City)
  • Steven W Anderson (University of Iowa, Iowa City)
  • Elizabeth Dastrup (University of Iowa, Iowa City)
  • Amy M Johnson (University of Iowa, Iowa City)
  • Matthew Rizzo (University of Iowa, Iowa City)


Using an instrumented vehicle, we have studied several aspects of the on-road performance of healthy and diseased elderly drivers. One goal from such studies is to ascertain the type and frequency of driving safety errors. Because the judgment of such errors is somewhat subjective, we applied a taxonomy system of 15 general safety error categories and 76 specific safety error types. We also employed and trained professional driving instructors to review the video data of the on-road drives. In this report, we illustrate our rating system on a group of 111 drivers, ages 65 to 89. These drivers made errors in 13 of the 15 error categories, comprising 42 of the 76 error types. A mean (SD) of 35.8 (12.8) safety errors per drive were noted, with 2.1 (1.7) of them being judged as serious. Our methodology may be useful in applications such as intervention studies, and in longitudinal studies of changes in driving abilities in patients with declining cognitive ability.

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Dawson, J. & UC, E. & Anderson, S. & Dastrup, E. & Johnson, A. & Rizzo, M., (2009) “Ascertainment of On-Road Safety Errors Based on Video Review”, Driving Assessment Conference 5(2009), 419-426. doi:

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Published on
24 Jun 2009
Peer Reviewed