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The Trainer Project: A New Simulator-Based Driver Training Curriculum

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The purpose of the EU funded TRAINER project is to develop a new cost-effective Pan-European driver training curriculum, includingcomputer-based interactive multimedia and simulator technology. Thecurriculum will pay significant attention to higher order skills including riskawareness. For this purpose a number of scenarios were developed thataddresses the most important needs of learner drivers. These scenarios are usedin a PC-based interactive multimedia tool as well as in a driving simulator. Theinteractive multimedia tool allows training and assessment of higher cognitiveskills (i.e., strategic and manoeuvring tasks), familiarisation of novice driverswith the basic principles of driving, and contributing to a better understandingof (potential) risks. A low cost stationary driving simulator is used for acquiringskills in vehicle handling and negotiating common traffic situations (i.e.,manoeuvring and control tasks). In addition, a mean cost semi-dynamic drivingsimulator is developed for supporting the needs of specific driver cohorts, suchas novice drivers with enhanced knowledge problems and drivers in high-riskgroups. Application of such an advanced computer-based curriculum alsoimplies development of criteria to allow driving instructors to determinetraining progress. These criteria are based on a database of normative driverbehaviour. This paper mainly focuses on the description of the technical (softandhardware) requirements for both low-cost and mean-cost simulators.


How to Cite: Dols, J. , Pardo, J. , Falkmer, T. , Uneken, E. & Verwey, W. (2001) “The Trainer Project: A New Simulator-Based Driver Training Curriculum”, Driving Assessment Conference. 1(2001). doi: