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A HMD-Based Virtual Reality Driving Simulator

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Recent advances in optics, HMD design, 3D graphics chips, and processes for personal computers have combined to make HMD based virtual reality driving simulators available at low cost. A HMD with a resolution of 1,024 by 768 with a FOV of 50o diagonally is now available for about $20,000. A graphics processor that can render large databases at fast frame rates costs only $400. Personal computers can now support multiple processors that run over 1 Gigahertz. We discuss visual concerns with a HMD, choosing a HMD for a driving simulator, HMDs compared with fixed displays, consequences of improved frame rates, autonomous vehicles, and the use of a HMD based driving simulator for studying drivers who have cognitive impairments.


How to Cite: Mourant, R. & Schultheis, R. (2001) “A HMD-Based Virtual Reality Driving Simulator”, Driving Assessment Conference. 1(2001). doi: