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Visual Attention and Roadway Landmark Identification in At-Risk Older Drivers,

  • Amy Crowe (University of Iowa, Iowa City)
  • Tara Smyser (University of Iowa, Iowa City)
  • Mireille Raby (University of Iowa, Iowa City)
  • Kirk Bateman (University of Iowa, Iowa City)
  • Matthew Rizzo (University of Iowa, Iowa City)


Driving is a complex task that makes high demands on visual processing capacity. Reduction of visual attention and processing speed are risk factors for car crash involvement in older drivers (Owsley et al, 1991; Ball et al, 1993). Impairment of these visual functions can affect driver safety by impairing the ability to search for information in a cluttered panorama that includes traffic signals and road signs. The purpose of the current study was to examine the extent to which on-road landmark identification during the driving task is predicted by off-road measures of visual attention

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Crowe, A. & Smyser, T. & Raby, M. & Bateman, K. & Rizzo, M., (2001) “Visual Attention and Roadway Landmark Identification in At-Risk Older Drivers,”, Driving Assessment Conference 1(2001), 175-176. doi:

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Published on
15 Aug 2001
Peer Reviewed