Environmental Sciences LibGuide



The Environmental Sciences Program is an interdisciplinary undergraduate program at the University of Iowa. It includes faculty from the Departments of Anthropology, Geography, Biology, Geoscience, Chemistry, and Civil and Environmental Engineering. Students pursuing a BS in Environmental Sciences can pursue one of four tracks: Biosciences, Chemical Sciences, Geosciences, or Hydrosciences. The four tracks are very different, however there is some overlap with elective courses and there is a set of required foundations courses that all students must take. The interdisciplinary nature of any environmental science topic requires a student to have access to resources across many disciplines. This potential overlap in information needs lead to the decision to create one LibGuide for the Environmental Sciences Program. This guide will serve as a general guide to environmental resources for all of the students in the program. Future guides may be created that focus on resources for each of the four specific tracks in the Environmental Sciences Program.

Keywords: environment, subject guide, LibGuide, environmental science, environmental resources

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