Creative Circuits with Deaf Students

  • Brynn Kasper (University of St. Thomas, Minnesota)
  • Emma Koller (University of St. Thomas, Minnesota)
  • Brett Gunderson (University of St. Thomas, Minnesota)
  • AnnMarie Thomas (University of St. Thomas, Minnesota)


This paper presents an outreach program, designed and delivered by undergraduate engineering students, to introduce deaf middle and high school students to engineering through creative circuits. Over the course of four weekly two-hour long Creative Circuits workshops, students aged 10 to 14 years old worked on projects exploring basic circuitry and programing concepts. Instruction was given through American Sign Language and written communication. E-textiles, Squishy Circuits, Scratch, and MaKey MaKey were used. We will present the content of these workshops, reflections by the undergraduate students on the experience of leading these workshops, and suggestions for running similar programs

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Kasper, B. & Koller, E. & Gunderson, B. & Thomas, A., (2014) “Creative Circuits with Deaf Students”, 2014 ASEE North Midwest Section Conference 2014(1), 1-7. doi: https://doi.org/10.17077/aseenmw2014.1017

Rights: Copyright © 2014, Brynn Kasper, Emma Koller, Brett Gunderson and AnnMarie Thomas

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Published on
17 Oct 2014
Peer Reviewed