Engineering Exploration Module for Rising 7th and 9th Grade Girls

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Students' out-of-school entertainment choices skews the in-class learners preferences for engaging, exciting, entertaining hands-on activities away from the traditional lecture heavy students-in-a-row style classrooms. Today's learning style preferences coupled with low percentage of engineering degrees awarded to women at 18.4 %1, influenced one summer programs attempt to engage young women in engineering. This paper outlines a module used to engage rising 7th and 9th grade girls in their exploration of engineering as a career. In this interactive module, girls learn about female engineering case studies/role models, historic female engineers, engineering practices, engineering careers, types of engineering and what engineering students do, all through acting or engaging activities. The goal of the module is to engage the imagination of young women as they visualize themselves in possible engineering careers.


How to Cite: Van Sloun, F. , Yang, Y. & Besser, D. (2014) “Engineering Exploration Module for Rising 7th and 9th Grade Girls”, 2014 ASEE North Midwest Section Conference. 2014(1). doi: https://doi.org/10.17077/aseenmw2014.1018