K-12 Outreach

Incorporating Engineering in High School FACS and Chemistry Class

  • Bonnie Boyd (Saint Paul Public Schools)
  • AnnMarie Thomas (University of St. Thomas, Minnesota)
  • Alex Zierden (University of St. Thomas, Minnesota)


This paper presents the preliminary development of engineering units for a year-long high school Food Science and Chemistry course. While the course is not intended as an engineering course, we explored ways that students could be introduced to the engineering design process, and other engineering concepts, as a way to motivate interdisciplinary thinking and inspire future exploration. As this project is in its early stages, we will present three potential units that incorporate engineering while meeting Next Generation Science Standards and Minnesota State Science Standards related to this course.

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Boyd, B. & Thomas, A. & Zierden, A., (2014) “Incorporating Engineering in High School FACS and Chemistry Class”, 2014 ASEE North Midwest Section Conference 2014(1), 1-6. doi: https://doi.org/10.17077/aseenmw2014.1030

Rights: Copyright © 2014, Bonnie Boyd, AnnMarie Thomas, Alex Zierden

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Published on
17 Oct 2014
Peer Reviewed