Flipped Classroom

Flipping Without the Cold Turkey

  • Julie L. P. Jessop (University of Iowa)


Flipping is an appealing method to engage students for meaningful and active learning. However, the work needed to generate the content the students will use outside the classroom and to coordinate the activities the students will do inside the classroom seems daunting. This paper provides ideas to reduce the start-up costs in time and energy, essential elements to include in the implementation of the flip, and instructor and student behaviors that may need adjusting for a more effective flipped experience. These helpful hints are based on the author’s experience in flipping her sophomore-level chemical engineering required course for the first time last fall.

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Jessop, J. L., (2014) “Flipping Without the Cold Turkey”, 2014 ASEE North Midwest Section Conference 2014(1), 1-6. doi: https://doi.org/10.17077/aseenmw2014.1021

Rights: Copyright © 2014, Julie L.P. Jessop

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Published on
17 Oct 2014
Peer Reviewed