Characterizing HAV Effects and Environments

Towards a Quantitative Sensory Test For Hand Numbness

  • A. J. Brammer (University of Connecticut Health Center and Envir-O-Health Solutions, Ottawa)
  • M. G. Cherniack (University of Connecticut Health Center)
  • E. Toppila (Finnish Institute of Occupational health, Helsinki and Tampere University Hospital, Tampere)
  • P. Sutinen (North Karelia Central Hospital, Joensuu)
  • R. Lundström (University Hospital, Umeå)
  • T. Nilsson (Sundsvall Hospital, Sundsvall)
  • G. Neely (Umeå University, Umeå)
  • T. Morse (University of Connecticut Health Center)
  • A. Sinha (University of Connecticut Health Center)
  • M. J. Eaman (Envir-O-Health Solutions, Ottawa)
  • D. Peterson (University of Connecticut Health Center)
  • N. Warren (University of Connecticut Health Center)

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Published on
02 Jun 2010
Peer Reviewed